Minimize Costs—to Production, Infrastructure, Warehousings


During the design phase, we work with you to determine the exact product specifications.  Once approved, we’ll partner with your engineering department to finalize design and creation of detailed drawings.  This helps us to determine the right manufacturing capabilities required for the job, so we can maximize manufacturability and quality—all while minimizing production costs.


Our process will take you from concept through design, testing, first article approval, and full production launch.  We can economically prototype simple (or complex) parts to reduce your overall time-to-market.  In many cases, we offer a 3D prototype that allows you to “see” your product before final production, using an .STL format drawing.


Our select group of suppliers usually operates with a 5-6 week lead time for production, which helps you bring products to market faster.  Red Streak can meet your quality standards at a competitive price, while our team of sales associates provides you with consistent updates on progress.


Product packaging is important to your brand image.  We can handle all of your specific packaging requirements—from messaging to graphics.


All of our processes are continually audited to ensure that you receive top quality, right from the very first production run. Our quality department conducts annual onsite quality audits of all of our suppliers to verify the quality and consistency of their processes.  To get the best possible quality, we utilize outside audit companies that are certified in ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.  In addition, we continually look for process improvements that improve our lean manufacturing and reduce our total acquisition cost.


Red Streak can arrange all the logistics and services required to deliver your products from our manufacturers to your receiving dock.  We’ll secure the most cost-effective, reliable method to transport your product on-time, and have established relationships with a variety of domestic and global carriers in:

  • Air shipment
  • Railroad
  • Ocean freight
  • LTL shipping
  • Ground shipping


Our pull-replenishment system can actually lower your inventory levels and reduce your administrative and operational costs—by keeping inventory readily available offsite.  We can warehouse your product using a customized inventory management system.

  • Kanban
  • JIT
  • VMI (vendor-managed inventories)
  • Replenishment