See an Immediate 5%-10% Reduction in Acquisition Costs

Red Streak’s expertise, knowledge, and U.S.-based relationships can reduce your total acquisition costs. We routinely discover savings opportunities for our customers in materials, transportation, and inventory management.

We then work with our domestic resource providers to create the most cost–effective plan for you.

Our 4-step process includes:

  • Value-stream mapping—we define the scope of work, select a project manager, define areas of responsibility, and analyze possible improvement opportunities.
  • Project planning—we outline objectives, and assign accountability for each one.
  • Communications updates—our project manager communicates with you regularly, to make sure you clearly understand project status.
  • Program overviews—sharing ideas for improvement and execution throughout the program, from design to delivery.


  • Clients typically see a 5-10% reduction in total acquisition costs—using standard costing benchmarks
  • Shorter lead times, averaging only 5-6 weeks for production—instead of 4-5 month lead times (common with overseas sourcing), so we can bring your products to market faster
  • Single source of communication—Red Streak project managers coordinate a seamless project program throughout each stage of product development—including sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and packaging.
  • Quality-assured consistent contract manufacturing for component parts and sub-assemblies—of all complex, medium-size finished products
  • Quick response to production or design changes—without compromising quality or timely delivery